JESNA to Become Jewish Educational Services of the United States

by Dr. Gabe Goldman
International Reporter

New York: JESNA (Jewish Education Service of North America), which served as the Jewish federation’s national educational agency from 1981 to 2013, will open its doors again under its new name, Jewish Education Services of the United States (JESUS). Dr. Jonathan Woocher, said about the new initiative. “JESNA closed its doors in 2013 because it had achieved its goal of educating every Jew in American. JESNA was a victim of its own success. We simply ran out of uneducated Jews. At the same time, however, we discovered that virtually none of the 295 million Christians living in this country had any Jewish education at all! They have never lived in a sukkah, made a Shabbat challah or beat their breasts on Yom Kippur. And this is sad.” Woocher went on to explain that JESUS will work in cooperation with national Catholic and Protestant organizations to provide Christians of all ages with quality, Jewish education. “Our first goal,” Woocher explained as he raised a piece of matzah, “is to ensure that every Christian in the United States has the opportunity to experience a Passover Seder.” He paused before adding, “G-d willing.”

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One Response to JESNA to Become Jewish Educational Services of the United States

  1. Jonathan Woocher says:

    Turns out to solve all our fundraising problems too. We just tell ’em to “give to JESUS.” Works like a charm.

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