American Jewish University and Yum Brands, Inc. Form Partnership

by Dr. Gabe Goldman
International Reporter

Los Angeles: The American Jewish University (AJU) has forged a new partnership with Yum Brands, operators of Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants worldwide. The new partnership will merge the AJU’s Fingerhut School of Education with Pizza Hut resulting in the new, Pizza Hut School of Education. “We are extremely excited by this partnership,” said Dr. Robert Wexler, President of the University. “Not only will this partnership bring increased funding to the program but will also provide each of our graduate students with a job and a car!” Under the new agreement, each graduate student will receive a Pizza Hut car and a pizza delivery schedule that allows him/her to continue their graduate studies. The partnership is not without controversy, however. Members of the University faculty have threatened to protest plans to serve Pizza Hut pizzas in the university cafeteria. Rabbi Brad Artson, Dean of the Rabbinic School said, “These are tref pizzas. What will they do next, start a hog farm?

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