Rabbi Launches Syndicated Column; “Holy Like Me” Tells You How to Live

A Brooklyn-based rabbi has taken her critiques of institutions and individuals to the public. Rabbi Tzedek Tirdof’s new newspaper column, “Holy Like Me,” will now tell readers what they’re doing wrong.

“Judaism includes thousands of laws about how to behave in everyday life,” she explained. “I’ll draw on our rich heritage to point out the mistakes I see around me every day.”

One of her first columns, “Bad Driving Is Evil,” offers this advice: “If you turned right without using your turn-signal, you’re not showing the respect due to your fellow human beings, who are created in the image of God. That makes you morally deficient and therefore evil.” In another, called “The Morality of Sneezing,” Rabbi Tirdof writes, “If you sneeze into your hand instead of your elbow, you’re knowingly spreading disease, which is like murder.”

The syndicator, the Jewish Telephonic Agency, said, “We are thrilled to offer this new feature. We live in a time when people aspire to be better than they are, and Rabbi Tirdof will tell them how, every day.”

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