Museum of Tolerance Looks to Expand

The Museum of Tolerance and Simon Weisenthal Center have begun making plans to expand by taking over Century City Mall. Museum spokesmen said they also plan to expand by building 87 new Museums of Tolerance over the next year, with at least one in every state, and a minimum of 4 in Wyoming. The expansions will cost an estimated $82 million.

Many have become increasingly intolerant of the Museum of Tolerance calling the expansions a waste of money.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, head of the Museum had this to say when questioned about the expansion objections. “They are missing the point. Educating people about tolerance is important. Sure the money could be used on food, medicine, and other things that have no lasting value, but museums last”.

When Rabbi Hier was questioned about the board at Century City Mall trying to stop the takeover, he simply said, “I have no tolerance for those people.” The Museum’s executive board also expressed anger over the Mall’s lack of understanding. A claim that an ancient Indian burial site was discovered right where the Museum wants to begin construction has also complicated issues, along with rumors that all people wanting to enter the future structure must have at least one Academy Award, have also created tension. Museum officials flatly deny the Academy Award rumor saying that Rabbi Hier has enough to pass out at the door should that ever become an issue.

The Museum plans to continue with its pursuit of the takeover and will hold a Hollywood fundraiser in the coming month to help raise money. Everyone who has ever been in a film is expected to attend with projected proceeds to exceed the current deficit.

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Avi Liberman is a standup comedian who has made regular appearances on Craig Ferguson, Showtime and Comedy Central. He organizes and performs in the biannual Comedy For Koby tour which brings American comedians to Israel to help benefit the Koby Mandell Foundation. the next tour will begin May 31st in Modiin. For more info please go to Avi can be reached at

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One Response to Museum of Tolerance Looks to Expand

  1. Another Jewish Settler says:

    Oy, if only they would spend their funds promoting and rebuilding Har HaBayit to what it needs to be rather than Museums of Tolerance, well, what can I say. Would there be any more need to impress upon the world the need for tolerance? As long as we don’t have it for ourselves why should anyone have it for us?

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