Future Brings New Insights, Challenges

Mashe Oved, the eminent researcher, says he is thrilled to release the results of a long-awaited survey of Jewish day schools. Entitled “Jewish Education at the Crossroads,” it finds that the leaders of communal Jewish education face major decisions in a time of transition and change. Also this week, a white paper was issued by the United Kehillah of Masorti Yahadut (formerly the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism). Called “Conservative Judaism at the Crossroads,” it foresees a phase of flux and uncertainty which offer “new opportunities.”

In related news, the Center for Research of Jews, Judaism, and Jewish Life has announced plans for a three-day seminar in November on grantmaking in the Jewish community. “Philanthropy at the Crossroads” will focus on new directions for private foundations in an era of rapid evolution and new paradigms. Meanwhile, in the offing this spring is a Town Meeting on the Future of the Middle East: “Israel at the Crossroads.” Its organizers say it will draw attention to the urgency of considering new options in the constantly shifting context of the region.

Dr. Oved, the Distinguished Professor of Survey-Monkey Studies at Rabinowitz University, was asked what he foresees as the next big development in Jewish life. “With all these people at the crossroads, mostly I see a big traffic jam.”

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