Federation Calls Meeting for No Reason Whatsoever

The Federation has decided to call a meeting of its officers for absolutely no reason. It was announced the meeting would take place two weeks from this upcoming Sunday, after preliminary meetings were held to discuss where the meeting should take place.

pJewishMisanthropy contacted Sharon Bluestein, Assistant Vice Chair of the Associated Youth and Development Planning Committee for the Development of Programming and Special Assistance to Program Funding, otherwise known as the A.V.C.A.Y.D.P.C.D.P.S.A.P.F., which itself has 304 members. Ms. Bluestein said that a lot of hard work went into planning the meeting and that the Jewish community will be helped greatly by its taking place. “We feel that by having this meeting we can plan other meetings which will in turn lead to other meetings as well.”

Steven Fisher, Vice Chair of the Planning Committee to Have Planning and Fundraising Chair Associations, the V.C.P.C.H.P.F.C.A., was one of the few dissenting voices about the meeting. “I just feel that the meeting was unnecessary at this time.” Due to the influence the V.C.P.C.H.P.F.C.A. has within the Federation, Fisher’s controversial stance was a minor blow to the 47 other committees who were all on board for the meeting. Fisher feels that at least two more preliminary meetings should have taken place first, and the new attitude of “rushing into things” will only hurt the Federation in the long run. Most however disagree with Fisher and feel that the Federation will come out OK with the meeting.

While both sides may disagree with the timing of the meeting, the cost was something they all agreed was right on target – only $57,000.

a special guest post by:
Avi Liberman is a standup comedian who has made regular appearances on Craig Ferguson, Showtime and Comedy Central. He organizes and performs in the biannual Comedy For Koby tour which brings American comedians to Israel to help benefit the Koby Mandell Foundation. the next tour will begin May 31st in Modiin. For more info please go to comedyforkoby.com. Avi can be reached at aviliberman.net.

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