Ten Under Ten

The Jewish Associated League of Organizations with Programs for Youth (JALOPY) has announced a new project to recognize the contributions of the next generation to Jewish life. The program will bestow awards on “Ten Under Ten”: a group of ten Jews born since 2001 who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and have already made a tangible contribution to Jewish life.

“We believe this is long overdue,” declared Shayna Yungleit, chair of JALOPY and a long-time lay leader. “Our youth are our future, and recognizing their leadership is critical.” Executive Director Vilda-Chaya Tipshut added, “We want to encourage independent-minded forward-thinking trail-blazing path-breaking paradigm-shifting game-changing maverick out-of-the box creative entrepreneurial innovative young bridge-builders who are revitalizing, empowering, and fostering one another.”

“For instance, “ Yungleit noted, “we’ve heard about a five-year-old who has come up with a model for kindergarten that is more responsive to its target demographic, with extra play time and more snacks. We need to incentivize that kind of innovation community-wide.” JALOPY plans to announce its first group of ten later this year.

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