Surveys are Favorite Jewish Activity, Survey Reveals

According to a recent study conducted by the Peoplehood Institute for Policy Proposals, Projections, Planning and Legislation (PIPPPPL), the most common Jewish activity among North American Jews is participating in surveys and demographic studies. In fact, out of the people contacted in its latest study, fully 100% indicated that they had answered a questionnaire within the previous 24 hours.

“This is a major finding,” concluded Prof. Natan Totzaot, who headed the study. “This is an even higher level of involvement than we’ve seen in popular Jewish activities like lighting Sabbath candles, holding a Passover Seder, or launching an innovative startup. This clearly shows that survey participation can be a major tool in reaching the unaffiliated.” Croesus Greenbach, whose Kessef Foundation was a major funder of the study, commented that “these survey results should set the communal agenda for the next generation.”

Not everyone is convinced, however. Retired Boca Raton-based professor of Jewish studies Alter Emess remarked, “Of course everyone in the survey had taken a survey! What does that prove?” Totzaot responded, “We differ in our methods. I’ve had great success with mine. Last year, when I surveyed affiliated Jews, we learned that well over 80% of them felt affiliated with the Jewish community. That made the front pages of Jewish newspapers across the country.”

Totzaot continued, “A couple of years ago we did a study of young Jews involved in social-action projects and discovered that more than three-quarters of them believe that social action should be a high communal priority. I believe this latest survey has even more far-reaching implications.”

Inside sources indicate that, in keeping with this study, the theme of next year’s General Assembly will be “Surveyhood: Being Jewish in the 21st Century.”

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