CHOSEN OPTICAL Has All Your Lens Needs

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There are lots of ways to look at the world and CHOSEN OPTICAL can help you find yours, whatever your viewing needs. Has a friend suggested that you look at Judaism through the lens of the environment? Or the lens of social justice? Whatever your vision, we’ve got the right lens for you!

After just one visit to CHOSEN OPTICAL you’ll be able to look at being Jewish through many kinds of lenses. There are so many exciting options! Here are just a few:

  • The Lens of Halakha
  • The Lens of Egalitarianism
  • The Lens of Humanism
  • The Lens of Culture
  • The Eco-Kosher Lens
  • The Lens of Social Action
  • The Lens of Tradition
  • The Lens of Innovation
  • The Rabbinic Lens
  • The Lens of Feminism

And don’t forget our ever-popular progressive lenses, which are like several lenses in one! Try looking at Jewish life through a new lens today.

Contact us at and let us show you how.


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