Archeological Find May Shed New Light on Patriarch

Artifacts uncovered in Mesopotamia, dating from the time of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, may shed new light on early figures in Jewish history. Archeologist Rechev- Zar Yigrar, who led the expedition to the ancient site, told a press conference that one object has an inscription incised in Akkadian cuneiform script that apparently means, “If found, please return to Avraham Avinu.” A second piece of metal, which seems to be a fragment of a breastplate, reads, “Property of Ur-Casdim Athletic Department.”

Reactions were mixed. A specialist in early Semitic culture from the University of Haifa, Dr. Chanaya Pratit, said that the artifacts have certain internal contradictions that cast doubt on their authenticity. Meanwhile Israel’s Minister of Fun, Food, and Sport, Yehoram Shtarker, declared, “It never seemed right to me that our patriarch enjoyed study, prayer, and welcoming strangers into his home. As an athlete he makes more sense.”

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